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Many people want to help those that struggle with mental health situations or help those left behind—survivors of suicide. The problem is, they are afraid they will say something "wrong." Brown will explain that what matters most is taking action. You do not need to have all of the answers nor is it important if you say exactly the right thing. Silence can be deafening. Brown shatters myths and will empower you to reach out.

The Honorable Patrick Kennedy

Kristina Brown is a trained "Talk Saves Lives" and "Safe Conversations" Leader. Comfortable speaking about the elephant in the room, she addresses the subject matter which others shy away from—mental health.


project DESIGNATE 988

Brown explains the historical significance of a dedicated, easier to remember three-digit Suicide Prevention Crisis Line in each presentation.


Whether in the workplace or civic organization, Brown dispels myths associated with mental health and the importance of creating a work culture which is inclusive and void of stigma.


Have you evaluated the stressors faced by the professionals in your industry? The truth is,it is often professionals charged with helping others who need to understand the importance of reaching out for help if they are struggling.


Do members of your organization know how to reach out if they are struggling with a mental health situation? Would those in your organization know signs to look for or what to say to someone they are worried about? 

Brown offers clear guidance to help open the lines of communication.

Brown offers tools to help those that struggle with mental health issues, addiction, or those experiencing grief and mourning. Customizing presentations for First Responders, Veterans, Physicians, Attorneys—all benefit from understanding mental health.

Brown received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and obtained her master’s degree in Mass Communications from Texas Tech University. She has spoken at Dell Computer, Marriott, and Estee Lauder Corporations. In addition to starting a nonprofit organization, Brown holds board positions with local nonprofit organizations and never turns down an opportunity to mentor students.

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